What to Know Before You Rent

  • A rental application must be completely filled out including all reference names, addresses, (incl. postal codes) and phone numbers. Ensure the contact persons for your rental/employment references are expecting a call from us
  • Please ensure that your application is complete and signed.
  • All units MUST BE VIEWED by the perspective tenant
  • We will do our best to process your application within one business day after you've found a property you would like to rent
  • We complete a credit check for each tenant. You must have acceptable credit for your application to be approved
  • Two full years of history is required-you may add additional rental history on a separate sheet (if you have moved more than twice in the past two years)
  • All units are non-smoking
  • ONE pet may be allowed in some units upon approval (if a pet is allowed it will be noted on the rental listing under "Features".) Note: must be under 24" tall from top of head to bottom of paw when standing – a photo is required and attached as a schedule to the lease
  • Posted rent amounts are subject to change
  • Please note: Vacant units are not held rent free. Your Residential Lease Agreement will start on the date of signing if the property is currently vacant

If your application is approved

  • All units are rented on a first come first served basis. We do NOT hold units, the first approved applicant in our office with first month's rent in guaranteed funds I.e. cash or money order will rent the unit
  • First month's rent must be paid at the time of signing the lease
  • The security deposit must be paid prior to possession date by guaranteed funds
  • After first month's rent – Monthly rent must be paid by automatic debit
  • Please bring in a void cheque OR bank auto debit form at the time of lease signing
  • Keys are released on possession date after the Unit Condition Report (In Report) is completed

Leasing Options

  • One Year Lease In the event that the one year lease is terminated in less than one year, there shall be an early termination fee equal to TWO month's rent
  • Month-to-Month Lease In the event that the month-to-month lease is terminated in less than six months, there shall be a termination fee equal to ONE month's rent
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