Our Action Benefit to You
Prepares detailed information package with specifications & photos on property for distribution to interested prospects. Invites interest and ensures prospects are exposed to the property's positive attributes and potential
Provides suggestions to make property more appealing. Provides complete information & facts about each property.
Convenient office location with lots of parking. Prospects benefit from obtaining the most suitable property for their requirements.
Places visible signage on listed properties with QR code on each sign for immediate web access to property details. Visible & recognizable invitation for prospects to phone for information.
Promotes and exposes property to other realtors. Lockboxes used to insure easy access for all realtors. Exposure to all realtors and their clients. People call Norma because of her commercial real estate specialization.
Cross promote CommVest Realty / Quality Property Management. CommVest clients transferred to Grande Prairie rent homes available through QPM. QPM clients utilize the real estate services of CommVest Realty.
Advertises on:
Qualified prospects are aware of property availability and who to call for more information. Repeated reminders in homes, businesses and public areas.
Adheres to realtor Code of Ethics. Protects Owner and Prospect's interests.
Maintains up-to-date marketing and negotiating skills through courses and seminars. Effective and efficient marketing. Obstacles are overcome and problems are prevented through training and experience.
Has been successful in business for over 25 years. Keeps "on top of" the market! Maintains details of current listings and sales.
Participate in charities and attend social events to "rub shoulders" with prospects.  

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